a multifaceted project on-the-go

about home and object accumulations:

1. sculpture,in a storage spage, Thessaloniki 2009
2. art-publication, in collaboration with J.Gilbert (writer) + I.Vaverka (designer),
Publication Project of DAI with Delphine Bedel as Editor, Enschede 2010
3. street-installation, Thessaloniki 2011
4. installation, performance and other events, presented at the group exhibition ‘Symbiosis’, XV Biennale de la Méditerranée, Thessaloniki, 2011 /////

‘The Restoration of a Wall’ follows the transformations of the accumulated home objects of a migrant (the artist) and it examines how these transformations could change notions and practice of Home. This process strives to apply such a change in a more relational and collective way.

In the course of time, the project adopts various forms and formats. In brief:

at first, the accumulation of home objects -in boxes and in a moving out or storing situation- becomes a Wall (a refuge or a prison?)(Thessaloniki 2009).

Then, a ‘restoration study’ -through a publication- analyses the structure of such a Wall and the value and meaning inscribed on the objects that compose it (DAI, Enschede 2010).

Towards its restoration the Wall changes contexts: from a storage room, to the streets, to a hotel-exhibition space. It changes forms: from a line to a space, from its stillness of moving/storing to its activation.

In its most recent phase, the accumulation of home objects unfolds in a multiplicity of temporary sites, of everyday personal and public activities as well as individual and collective situations (readings, meals, a discussion, a jamming session, a give-away-shop).

This shift from one form to the other, from one context to the other, becomes a simulation of migrations. These migrations of home and of home-objects raise issues of individual consciousness towards self-emancipation.


You can see more about the project in the paper ‘Home on-the-move-and-in-place: towards a strategy of emancipation‘. The paper was presented in the ASCA workshop ‘Dislocating Agency and Moving Objects’ in Amsterdam in April 2013.