Μετα-γλώττ-ιση =




Trans-languag-ing’ is a video-installation developed in relation to a research on dubbing during the AiR program of Shedhalle in Tübingen. It was presented in Shedhalle on the 22.06.2013.

Through the juxtaposition of different dubbed versions of the famous scene ‘You talking to me?’ of Robert de Niro in the movie of M. Scorsese ‘Taxi-driver’, the project investigates dubbing as a process of familiarization and of appropriation.

Yet, if we see how dubbing was used historically, hence as:

- a tool of censorship and of propaganda
- a process where disembodied voices inscribe meaning on muted bodies
- a process of silencing the ‘foreign’ and of disguising it as ‘familiar’

what is censored?
what is appropriated?
what exactly is left intact?

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Dubbing is an attempt to hide the foreign nature of a film
by creating the illusion that actors are speaking the viewer’s language.
Dubbed movies become in a way, local productions.
[Martine Danan, Dubbing as an expression of Nationalism, 1991]