ANOMALOUS RALLY, against the violence of normativity

On Friday the 13.09.13, the ‘ANOMALOUS RALLY, against the violence of normativity‘ has taken place in the center of Athens. It took the form of a march enriched with actions by artists, queer and feminist groups. The rally has been a research for ways of expression, existence and coexistence against and beyond the framing of patriarchy, homophobia, racism and neo-liberalism. It has been a denunciation of the physical, verbal and psychological violence, which all of us -the dismissed, weirdos, sluts, fags, lesbians, trans, vagabonds, aliens- go through in everyday life.
Joined our voices claimed the space in private and public sphere against social exclusion and inequality; for the right and respect of being different.


Participants (in order of appearance): Color Youth, Fylo Sykis (the fig leaf), Astochia Thylikou (Female Failure), MLFF, Group of Lawyers for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants, Eleni Kolliopoulou, Antonis Vathis, Vassilis Noulas and Cine – Collective.


The rally has been an initiative of MLFF, a group that has created the infrastucture for the rally, and that has been responsible for the organisation and the online broadcasting of the event. The project has been partially subsidized by xminy, and it has been supported by the “Free, self-managed theatre Embros” (an occupied space for free cultural expression and social action).