LOCOMOTIVE PROP in Street Blogging


sculptural media platform, archive and street actions,
in collaboration with Mara Karagianni, February 2011 and on /////

Interventions on protest for social housing against the governmental budget cuts and the housing shortage,
+ on protest of residents’ collective of Platanenweg against the speculations of the houseowner
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

More info at the blog of mlff.org and at the Paper : “Digital and analogue recordings as repository of memory and vehicles of interjection”


A platform with both digital and analogue media of announcements, hijacking two  shopping carts, creates and presents an archive of opinions and demands.

The shopping cart, a symbol of consumption, multiplied and distorted, it is turned into a semi-absurd object attracting the attention in order to support the voices that struggle to be heard in the public discourse. As in the case of homeless, it serves a totally different role, becoming something more than a storage or a transport. Announcing and propagating our messages or the messages of the people whose cause we support, it is used to create a kind of street blogging. In demonstrations, in public spaces, in public events.

So far, half of our sculpture participated in three demonstrations. While marching, there were played pre-recorded demands in 4 different languages. People added pickets on our cart, put brochures on it and used the megaphone for slogans, speeches and announcements. We took interviews of some attendants and, whenever there was a free wi-fi, we broadcasted them in an online radio during and after the demo.

The material collected forms an archive that stays active and plays a significant role to every future action. In this direction, the demands for better social housing for everyone from the first demo joined and strengthened the voices of the residents in the second.

We aspire to use it as an info-kiosk for issues we-as individuals and artists- want to address and as the setting for more and different public actions. Please, contact us, if you are interested in any collaboration. We are also open to any suggestions.

We have received a grant by xminy to further equip the platform.