Framing | Afterthoughts

Screening, 24.05.14,  @18.00 – 21.00, Kunstamt Foyer (Doblerstrasse 21) //////

Documentation and end products of the participatory event on 23.03.14, which consisted on visitors of the Kunstamt seeing the world only through a head-mounted camera.

With this exaggerated condition, the project ‘Framing’ comments on the virtualization of our glance and the transformation of the Familiar that such a mediated experience creates.

‘Framing | afterthoughts’, by screening the videos created on that day, gives a hint on the reaction of each body to this experience and it witnesses what each glance has chosen to register on that moment.

You can find an example of the videos created on that day here

For more on the project see also ‘Framing in Shedhalle