Theater- and solo-performance, plus video-interventions, 18+19.07.14, Transit -intercultural theater performance, Stadtmuseum, Tübingen

The project Transit was an initiative of ‘Masckaratheater‘ based in Tuebingen and it brought together people that found themselves in shifting situations, like migration, end of a carrier, unemployment. In search of new perspectives, around 20 actors and musicians from different countries worked together in this intercultural performance on “Tübinger Vertrag” and the freedom of movement in Europe. (german text)

viki semou’s contribution focused on those people to whom any place in ‘the system’ is denied, one way or another. In other words, she impersonated those people marginalized even among marginalized. Those in continued Transit. Those “free” to move and arrive nowhere.


Theater performance

Art-direction: L.Conte, J. Knab

Actors: L. Baranowski, A. Bosch, A. Fodor, D. Gauß, Q. Hu, S. Kubin, F. Lokaj, S. Mahler, N. Roos, V. Semou, L. Till

Musicians: J. F. Olivos Blomberg + Tübinger Baglama-Schule: A. Güler, H. Bastas, S. Braun, C. Celik, O. C. Iygi, G. Tercan,

Solo performance

Concept-Executiion: Viki Semou

Technical assistance: Tasos Akridas, Vangelis Tourloukis and Sara Bangert

Technical Support: Kreismedienzentrum-Tübingen and Ralf Martenstein

Technical Advice: Timo Dufner



Viki Semou participated in the event with a solo performance and a series of interventions in the space dedicated to the work of Lotte Reiniger, an artist of films and shadow-theater plays made with 2d-figures, mostly in black. These interventions consisted of 1. a video in loop in combination of a Reiniger’s video, 2. the video of that day’s theater play which was recorded while v.semou was participating in it, and 3. a live stream of what she was seeing during her solo. This last screening featured successively the image of drawers/boxes and then the image of people -the audience.




Art has often been a place where ‘abnormals’, ‘monsters’ and other ‘curiosities’ can be fearlessly and harmlessly presented. Even accepted. As long as they stay there. When it ‘s only a show. In the realm of art and the non-real, of fantasy and dream.

Yet, the ‘abnormals’ and the ‘monsters’ exist and are claiming  their place among ‘us’.


“Discrimination and prejudice are often condemned as markers of cruelty or insensitivity and not as markers of structural inequality. This reduces the reality of social injustice to a question of compassion and charitable feelings..”

(paraphrasing Alison Kafer in ‘Feminism, Queer, Crip’)